Friday, 27 January 2017

From eczema to new beginnings - the story of a happy career with Oriflame Skin Care

Wow well here we are launched into the world of social media and internet selling/working. I can’t say that I am new to it as I have had an online-shop for over ten years now – I have been practising!  I realise, from my own shopping habits, that it is the way to the future. So, to reassure you that I know where it’s at, I think that maybe I should tell you a little about me, Alix Oriflame.

I have been with Oriflame since early days. As the mother of 4 small boys who went through shoes like there would always be a new pair tomorrow, and having not long moved to  a small town in Scotland’s Highlands, there was a need to earn extra and a method of meeting people new. I had been using Oriflame for a few years. My skin had always been a sorrow to me having had eczema since I was born. Obviously, Oriflame has not cured my eczema but it has improved my skin so much and kept it so well under control that there are no outward facial symptoms these days. Anyway, I digress. When I moved north I discovered that there was no-one selling Oriflame north of the Scottish central belt and after some persuasion from the lady who was to become my sponsor and mentor, I joined. At the time I thought that it would be something to do for a couple of years while the boys were small. How wrong could I have been.

After a few months, I was asked to think about becoming a manager. My car had just died and I needed transport of my own. Oriflame provided a way of earning just that bit more to help this, my first goal. Not only that, I could fit it around my family. I loved the products and delighted in sharing that love with others – both selling and helping others achieve their dreams through training them to do the same. Within a few years  I had become Regional Manager and produced son number five. For the first six months he went everywhere with me – even to Regional Manager training (In fact one of Oriflame’s founders, Jonas af Jochnick, even pushed him in his pram!) My remit was from the Forth Road bridge to Shetland – a huge area. Driving though was made so worth it . I was driving through the most beautiful scenery and meeting such lovely Oriflame people. My  team were exciting and so fun to work with and still are today. I have had so much fun while working that it has been a natural progression to maintain that enjoyment as Oriflame has moved forward into the 21st century. Every box that arrives and every new catalogue elicits such a feeling of anticipation – a childhood  feeling of  Christmas!

I am so looking forward to sharing my Oriflame experience with you on this Personal Ori-Beauty Store page. Whether you are looking for personal advice about products or looking for a new career or to just earn some extra to pay for your own products or save some money then know that I am here for you.

Exciting? Excited – yes I still am.

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